Oshkosh:  920-231-0610
Plymouth:  920-449-5407

Welcome to our Plymouth Warehouse!

We are conveniently located just east of Hwy 57 on the south side of County Road PP.  Click here for a descriptive map and directions.

As you arrive at our facility, please notice that there are two driveways. Please be sure you read the signs and enter at the trucking entrance (the East most driveway). Please do not enter the driveway at the employee entrance. Pull forward until you come to the office. Park alongside the grass and leave plenty of room for other trucks to get around you. 

Proceed to the office at the front of the building. Check-in is required for product pick-ups and deliveries. After you have been checked in, our office staff will direct you to the appropriate dock door.

At this time, please proceed around the building to your assigned dock door. Back into the door with your doors closed and your seal intact. Our warehouse staff will come out and get your paperwork from you. Please DO NOT break your seal. Our warehouse staff will do this for you.


DO NOT drive on the grass. The driveway around the building is wide enough for all trucks to navigate without having to drive on the grass. Any truck that drives on the grass will be assessed a $100 fine for lawn repairs. Cameras are monitoring and recording all activity around the facility.

For product pick-ups:

  • Make sure you have the PO# that your dispatch scheduled your appointment with
  • Your trailer must be pre-cooled to the correct temperature prior to loading
  • Our warehouse staff will seal you after you have been loaded. Be sure you are sealed prior to leaving our facility
  • NOTE: If you have any special requests on how you’d like to be loaded please let our warehouse staff know

For product deliveries:

  • Please bring your paperwork into the office when you check-in
  • DO NOT break your seal prior to unloading. Our warehouse staff will do this for you
  • Once you have been unloaded, our warehouse staff will return your copy of the delivery paperwork to you

Our team strives to exceed your expectations with a timely delivery or pick-up.