Oshkosh:  920-231-0610
Plymouth:  920-449-5407


Are you by appointment or first come first serve?

Our office is by appointment only.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call our office at 920-449-5407 to schedule an appointment. If you would like a pick-up appointment prior to 9am the next day, please be sure to schedule with our office by 2:00pm the day before so we can insure that your load is ready when you arrive.

What if I can’t make a schedule appointment time?

We understand that things happen. If you are running late or ahead of schedule, please give us a call and keep us informed on your estimated arrival time.

Is there a rest room at the facility?

There are restrooms located by the majority of our docks. Please ask our staff and they will direct you to the closest one.

Is there overnight parking?

If you need to park at our facility overnight, we ask that you please pull up far enough in our driveway so that there is plenty of room for trucks to get in behind you. If you do not have an early morning appointment, we would prefer that you park overnight at the nearby truck stop on the corner of PP & 57.

Note: The restrooms are only open during our normal business hours.

Nearby Truck Stops & Services

Where are the truck stops located?

The closest truck stop is on the corner of HWY PP and 57.

Webers Quik Stop (1 Mile Away)
N5463 State Road 57
Plymouth, WI 53073

Is there a truck wash nearby?

Black Dawg Diesel (5.7 Miles Away)
N4560 State Rd 57
Plymouth, WI 53073

Where is the closest scale?

Webers Quik Stop (1 Mile Away)
N5463 State Road 57
Plymouth, WI 53073

A few services provided…

  • Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair
  • Light and Medium Duty Diesel Repair
  • Trailer Brakes and Servicing
  • DOT Inspections
  • Trailer Wash-outs